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Uttara City College.

Uttara City  College

Welcome to our website. Thank you very much for discovering it. We offer a wide range of courses in this college, backed by experienced, specialist teaching staff excellent facilities and resources. Uttara City  College is a non-profitable organization run by WODEF Foundation. The institution, growing from a Kindergarten to a Junior School and then to a secondary school , has now emerged as a leading College of Bangladesh. Since inception, the institute has been enjoying a proud record of academic quality and innovation. Over the years, it has generated a significant number of employments of qualifiedacademicians, administrators and staffs.       50% of our students come to this college following personal recommendation from pervious students or their parents. The management believes that its sole determination is to help achieve their potentials and make Uttara City College the perfect environment for successful study.  This college has already earned a good reputation for its professional, caring and supportive environment. We take personal care of each student and remain responsible for his/her development in every field of learning (Moral teaching, discipline, physical development, psychological & emotional feelings, academic performance etc). At every step of your learning we will provide necessary guidance, advice and extra help if required. We have students from different background, caste and creed all over Bangladesh (195 students residing in the hostel). Our Three campuses at Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh. Our campus is independent having all modern amenities & facilities.we follow our national curriculum (S.S.C & H.S.C syllabus) but in English and Bangla version. This has aroused a great interest amongst the guardians. This section is headed by a Asst.Professor And Head of The Dept of Govt. Politics of Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology,Uttara Dhaka. There are about 65 teachers working in this College. In total we have over 2500 (Two Thousand and five hundred) students & 65 teachers (2 Retired Army officers, 5 Retired Professors from Cadet Colleges, 1 retired Principal and 1 Retired Associate Professors, and the rest are all lecturers) working in this college. We have Modern Laboratories and facilities for curricular and co-curricular activities. Stage events such as Debate, Extempore Speech, Recitation, Seminar, General Knowledge Competition, etc. take place every week in our own Auditorium. We also organize seminar, symposiums and work-shops on regular basis to facilitate interactive teaching methods.

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Global Education Consultancy ltd





Global Education Consultancy


The very secret of our success is nothing but our devotion, honesty and sincerity towards our holy duty and commitments. The fact is that 99% student Consultants sitting in Bangladesh try to attract the students by collecting piece meal information about the educational institutions of different countries through Websites but we visit the said countries and different institutions personally and physically. We collect information directly from different countries in the world without thinking the cost of travel with a firm view to provide the best service to our students.There is a fair chance of being defrauded as it has happened in several cases in UK. Tuition fees of thousands of students have been misappropriated by many students’ consultants and some of them have been arrested by the RAB and Police. A lot of UK Colleges were suspended in UK due to violation of UKBA Rules. Thereby, fates of thousands of students are under serious threat. So, without visiting and justifying the status of foreign

Colleges and Universities
directly, we never admit any student. Our officers of International Marketing Division are always getting visa and they keep on visiting different countries and educational institutions round the year. Therefore, we have been able to send thousands students to the world class educational institutions abroad. Indeed it is very safe to say that most of the students’ Consultant Companies have no direct knowledge about foreign countries, Immigration Rules and its educational institutions as they do not get visa to visit the said countries.

Our Team: We have skilled and specialized full-time Senior Counselors, International Marketing Officers and Stauffs who are always ready to provide latest information and necessary help to the students and visitors. Our Counselors, Officers and Stauffs are well experienced and thereby, our rate of success is really remarkable and visible as we have a very good and enthusiast team work.


Our Partners:
Presently our global partners are MALAYSIA,USA, GERMANY, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UK, IRELAND, SPAIN, MALTA, ITALY, FINLAND, NETHERLANDS, RUSSIA SWITZERLAND, POLAND, TURKEY, CYPRUS, THAILAND,  CHINA, INDIA etc. We are authorized student recruiting agent for many renowned educational institutions of many other countries. We are working with highly trusted partners, trusted partners and “A” class Colleges and Universities of the aforesaid countries.



Our Location:

Global Education Consultancy Admission
Dhaka Head Office:
House# 08 , Road # 31,Sector# 07,Uttara ,Dhaka 1230
Phone :01711-243217 .

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