Object of the Foundation:

The objects for which the Foundation is established are all or any of the following. 

  •  To execute any type of women welfare or charitable activities for the purpose of Health, Education & Environment.
  •  To take necessary step/ program for women Health & Education in Agriculture, literature, Arts & Science with establishing the Hospital, clinic, school, college & University. 
  •  To take arrangements for development in Health, Educational, Agricultural and Tourism sector in Bangladesh and any kinds of training thereof. 
  •  TO take rehabilitation commodities distribution program among the neglected poor community. 
  •  To take arrangements of training for the purpose if increasing useful work experience through Health & Education program for the illiterate &semi-literate community through development system. 
  •  To endeavor about welfare program to the public /poor community.
  •  To endeavor about lesson establishing library / reading room among the general public (illiterate &semi-literate).
  •  To public collection rare/ old script lost in the country including pithy folklore. 
  •  To exhibit arts crafts through hall/ museum/ mobile museum. 
  •  To arrange exhibition of collected sculpture & picture through/ mobile museum. 
  • 11. To take program about drawing establishing arts & crafts institution and arrange completion. 
  •  To publish & exhibit program about Handicrafts and Agricultural affairs among the people. 
  •  Mass awareness increase for prevention and control of HUV/AIDS and STDs. 
  •  Ensure safe and pure drinking water and sanitation in rural poor communities. 
  •  To take publicity or Health & Education research program about pre & historical sings. 
  •  To supply books free of cost among the poor students and intellectuals establishing Mosque/ Madras a, pagoda & Temple promoting standard of the Holy Quran. The Holy Gita and the Holy Bible.


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